Drachmas are the main currency in Batheo. The number of Drachmas you can have it determined by the level of your Silver Vault. The higher level you vault is, the more Drachmas you can store and the more you can use then.

Getting DrachmasEdit

Drachmas are obtained through several methods:

  1. Selling equipment
  2. Degrading equipment
  3. Taxing people(you can levy your kingdom people 12 times/day, with a cooldown time between them)
  4. Daily salary(option unlocked when 100+ prestige gained, available on the Assembly tab)
  5. Gaining a Silver Mine
  6. Selling Crops, available with Market.
  7. Doing Silver Mine Wrestle, by world Map (Only in the Summer)

Using DrachmasEdit

Drachmas are used to

  1. Build & upgrade buildings
  2. Buy & upgrade weapons, armor, horse, cloak and magic equipment
  3. Train Heroes
  4. Buy Crops