The god of medicine and healing


Faction: Mercenary
Area: Beast

Valor: 68
Spirit: 30
Element: 103
Troop: Healing Priest


  • Third and final Mercenary a player must defeat in the Beasts in the Wilderness progression.
  • To increase his healing ablility on your team, give him a good enhanced book and research element hit technology.
  • He is the only 'Healer' hero you will see for a long time. Many people choose to have him on their team. A side benefit, after battles, is that you will consume much less crops replenishing your troops (if you win a fight.)
  • He is difficult to defeat. The Asclepius battle involves 4 separate armies; Asclepius for healing, a pair of Phantom Scythe Soldier troops and a Thunderstorm Mage troop. The Thunderstorm mages attack all of your troops at once. It's not the easiest fight to win. You will most likely need to have all of your heros and their equipment at their maximum upgrades in order to defeat Asclepius.

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